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V20 Speakers intermittently work

Just got a brand new pair of V20 speakers and they don't work 100% of the time. I have tried to use them on a Toshiba laptop with XP, a Macbook Pro, and an iMac (both Macs running Leopard and both brand new as of a few months ago) and they will sometimes work, but only for a few seconds then stop. If I just leave something running (iTunes) and wait, the music will come on at some point for a few seconds, then stop again.

It doesn't matter which OS / computer I use, I always get the same results. Rebooting the computers yields the same results.

Currently I am trying to get them to work on my iMac without any luck. In the System Preferences I can switch the output device back to internal speakers and get audio out of the internal speakers, then switching back to V20s it may or may not give me audio.

All the controls will work (volume, play, pause, next, prev, mute) but no audio.

I have removed every USB device except the keyboard / mouse and I have tried all three USB ports on my iMac (as well as all the USB ports on the Macbook Pro and the Toshiba.)

Any idea what is wrong or should I return them and get something else?


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Re: V20 Speakers intermittently work

Hi neu,
It could be that the speakers are defective. I would contact Technical Support for replacement or take them back to the store.
Thank you for your post.

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