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s-120 speakers not working.

I recently purchased the S-120 2.0 stereo speaker system, and I cannot get them to work on my computer. I followed the directions to a T, minus plugging the pink cable into the computer, beings the speakers did not come with a pink cable. I am getting frustrated, and just want my speakers to work. id appreciate it if someone could help me out here. Please and thank you.


Megan s.

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Re: s-120 speakers not working.

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Can you test them on a different sound source? Like an MP3 player or sound source.

That may help in determining if it is the speakers or the computers setup.


Do you have any other speakers or headphones that work on the computer?


In the Sound applet of your Operating System. You may want to check that the sound is enabled and the speaker audio mute box is not checked by mistake.

What Operating System do you have?