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Alert 750n



I want to purchase the Alert 750n system but i also need to use it in the UK as well, and might be settling there for a while.


Can i still use this US system in UK power sockets? Will the voltage difference be a problem (110/120/220/240)?



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Re: Alert 750n

Hello OutCell,


I'm understanding you would like to know if  the Logitech Alert 750n Master system originally from the U.S, to be used in the UK. I'll be more than happy to assist you with this matter.


Yes, you may use this system in the UK. However, you will need to purchase the Powerslide, Logitech Alert 750i and 700i  (although this says for 750i/700i this applies for 750n/700n also) since the 750n Master will not come with this if purchased in the U.S. Make sure the power supply unit and the Network adapter are plugged into 110 or 220 volt outlets. They already come with built in surge protectors.


I hope this information helps!


Please note: The link that was provided is to be used once inside the UK.