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How to Properly Reset Your Alert Camera

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When returning an Alert camera, it is recommended to reformat your included SD card and restore the camera to its factory defaults. This ensures that all of your personal data is erased.   If a camera has not been restored to factory defaults there are two potential issues:



Issue 1) The camera will continue to be associated with the original Alert account until changed.  If for some reason your camera was previously registered to another customer, you are given the opportunity to re-register your camera during your initial installation. If you own a previously registered Alert camera and you choose not to re-register your camera to your own account the original camera owner may still be able to view the video stream if the camera is connected to the Internet.  


What causes this problem?

If you choose not to take ownership of the camera by picking ”NO” when presented with the option during initial setup.  Until a previously registered camera is re-registered by a new user it is working for the original owner and simply performs as if it’s in another location. 


How do I know if I have this problem?

You can see your camera video on your PC using Alert Commander software but cannot view your camera in Logitech Alert Web Viewer/ Web Commander.


How can I fix this problem?

Paper clip reset your Camera to clear information and return it to factory defaults.  Be sure to hold the reset button for a minimum of 10 seconds.

Run Alert Commander software.  This will properly register the camera to your account. If your camera is properly registered to your account it will be visible in both Alert Commander and either Logitech Alert Web Viewer or Web Commander.  Once your camera is registered to your account, only those with access to your account can view it. 



Issue 2) Customers who returned / re-sold an Alert camera are receiving unwanted video streams from a camera no longer in their possession. 


What causes this problem?

The camera was not successfully reset to factory defaults, and was installed by a new user without registering it to their account.


How do I know if I have this problem?

You see a camera on Logitech Alert Web Viewer / Web Commander that you no longer own and don’t possess.


How can I fix this problem?

If you are seeing video in Logitech Alert Web Viewer or Web Commander  from a camera that does not belong to your network, please follow these steps:

  • Create a new email account  in Logitech Alert commander by going to Settings>Security and Web>Advance>Create New Account (E-mail)
  • Log on to Logitech Alert Web Viewer/ Web Commander with your new Email account(
  • On the left side of the screen click on the Ghost camera that does not belong to you and on the right hand side select “Remove this camera”
  • This completes the repair for Logitech Alert Web Viewer.  If you also subscribe to Logitech Alert Premium services, please contact Logitech customer care so we can transfer your subscription information.


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