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Welcome to the Logitech Community!


If you haven't done so already, please take a minute and read the Logitech Forum Terms of Use. To help you get started in the community, we've put together a “Getting Started” FAQ below. For help on navigating the forums interface, please click on the "Help" link on the upper right hand side of the screen. If you have additional questions, suggestions or comments about the Logitech Community, please feel free to post in the “Community Feedback” board.


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Logitech Community - Getting Started FAQ


Q. What is the purpose of this community?
A.  Logitech’s Community is an interactive, peer-based community dedicated to sharing information, technical help, tips and tricks about Logitech products.


Q. Will I receive official Logitech tech support in this community?

A. While members of Logitech’s technical staff frequently participate in the forums, this peer to peer support community is not meant to completely replace official technical support channels. If you have an urgent technical issue, please open a ticket with our Customer Care department.


Q. How do I identify which user accounts belong to Logitech employees? Do Logitech employees process support incidents and/or product returns in the community?

A. Please note that Logitech employees who participate in this community will always have the Logitech Logo displayed next to their user IDs.  For example:



While Logitech employees do participate in technical support discussions in the community, we will never process product returns / RMA via forum discussion threads and/or community private messages. If you've received a message from another user claiming to be a Logitech Support employee,requesting personal information, please contact one of our moderators or administrators to validate their identities.


Q. I need to find product information/download/support FAQ’s. Where are they located?

A. Please go to the support home page at


Q. Why should I register?

A. Registration for the community is free. You will be able to post in the discussion boards after you register. You will also be able to subscribe to topics and customize the user interface when you are logged in. Take a look at this short video on how to register:



Q. I already have a Logitech support account. Do I need to register again?

A. No, your existing support account also works in the community. Simply pick a community screen-name after your first login. This will be the alias you use to identify yourself to the community


Q. I have a technical question I'd like to ask the community, how should I get started?

A. Please start by performing a search with the relevant keywords to see if a previous discussion exists. Your question may have already been answered by the community previously. If you cannot find an existing thread that answers your question, feel free to post a new thread in the relevant discussion board. When writing your first post, please make sure to:

  1. Initiate a new thread instead of replying to an unrelated thread
  2. Write a short and clear title that explains the nature of your technical issue (For example, instead of cryptic titles such as “help!” or “my product is broken!”, try to include as much key details as possible in the message title. This will help other knowledgeable users find and answer your question faster)
  3. Be sure to include relevant technical details such as product model number, operating system, computer hardware specifications and a detailed description of your technical issue in the post.
  4. A friendly voice is more likely to receive help from community peers and experts. While we understand technical problems may lead to frustration, please be courteous when asking for help in the community. Thanking an expert user with a quick reply and marking the answer with “accepted solutions” and “kudos” will encourage helpful behaviors in the community and build relationships.

Q. Another forum user posted a workaround/hack/tweak that enables older products to work with a non-supported operating system. Should I give this a try?
A. Logitech does not endorse or approve non-Logitech posted workarounds, and that Logitech does not advise trying said workarounds. Although a workaround may work with a limited number of system configurations, it may not work for all users and may cause instability or other technical issues.
Using any non-Logitech workaround or hack is at the individual user's own risk. Please see the “Disclaimers” section in the Terms of Use document for more information.

Please note that for the purposes of this discussion (and of this forum in general), non-supported means that if you install adriver on non-supported operating systems, Logitech will not be able to assist you in the event that your system becomes unstable or non-functional. 


Q. What is the "Accept as Solution" button for?

A. "Accepted Solution" is a method to mark messages which correctly answered the original posted questions. When you mark a helpful post as an “Accepted Solution”, you are encouraging other users to share their knowledge by recognizing their valuable input and expressing appreciation. Marking a post as "Accepted solution" will also help other users identify an answer faster when using the search function. In order to avoid confusion, only the user who posted the original question and moderators are able to mark a reply as an "Accepted Solution".


Q. What is the “Give Kudos” button for?

A. "Kudos" is a positive rating system which allows you to give approval to content you find helpful. When you click on the Kudos button, you are essentially giving the message a thumbs up. Often a post or reply may not address an existing technical issue, but it may add value to the conversation or benefit the community. Please encourage users who post high quality content by clicking on the "Kudos" button underneath the post.


Q. How do I contact another community member privately?

A. Please use the community private messenger if you would like to communicate with another member offline.

If you wish to be contacted by e-mail when someone sends you a Private Message, you will need to set the appropriate forum preference in your account settings. The Private Messenger Settings screen can be found here:


Q. Should I post my email address to have an expert user contact me?

A. In order to protect your online privacy, we recommend against posting the following information in a public forum post:

  • Your email address, phone number, and mailing address
  • Your support incident number
  • Your product’s serial number
  • Your e-commerce order number

Please use the private messenger if you wish to send personal information to another user.


Q. How does the user ranking structure work?

A. User rank appears next to username and it is based on a combination of several participation variables including number of posts and time spent in the community. The ranking system was put in place to recognize senior members of the community and encourage participation.

Here are the levels of user ranks, from beginner to advanced:


Logi Nu

Logi Browser

Logi Visitor

Logi Rook

Logi Apprentice

Logi Journeyman*

Logi Master

Logi Master II*

Logi Master III*

Logi Guru

Logi Guru II*

Logi Guru III*

Logi Legend

Logi Legend II*

Logi Legend III*

Distinguished Logi Legend*


Logitech logo


For example:


These users are Logitech Employees 


* Added on 9/30/2010