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F540 base station not working? HELP

just bought a F540 headset, and i plugged the base station in and connected it to my pc with a 3.5mm jack just to check it out. Then i unplugged the base station, and plugged it back in near my ps3, proceeded to set everything up, and i did. Now the base station will not come on, no LEDs, nothing. please help asap

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Re: F540 base station not working? HELP

Hello MooseKnowsAll,


In order to try to fix this issue with your F540 Wireless base, please check the following:


  • Make sure the power cable is firmly connected to the Wireless base
  • Make sure the power cable is connected to a powered AC outlet

If the issue persists, the wireless base might have a hardware failure, so please contact our Phone Support team to further assist you with this.


Best Regards,

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