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G230 mic too quiet

Hi, I am having trouble with my newly purchased G230. The mic is much much too quiet.


All my drivers and such are up to date, I have tried different 3.5mm jacks, and my sound settings have the mic volume on max. (Surprisingly, people can hear me so much louder and better with my old very cheap and falling apart 5+ year old Logitech headset :\)


What should I try to do? Everything else about the headset seems to be superb, other than the mic. Thanks.

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Re: G230 mic too quiet

Hi Harry_,


Try the following suggestions and see if they help resolve the issue with your G230:


  • Try changing the recording quality to a higher one. Go to the Windows Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Recording Tab. Right click the G230. Go to Properties and click the Advanced tab. Change the Recording Quality.
  • To rule out a possible hardware failure, try testing your headset on a different PC.



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Logi Nu
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Re: G230 mic too quiet

BUMP! Having this exact same issue. If anyone found a solution to this problem please reply!


I've tested it on my iPod (with a headset splitter) and on another PC. Sound is very muffled when I talk into the mic, and I've already boosted the mic volume with windows sound (windows 8)


Thanks for any reply I get, big props to you if you can get it working Smiley Happy