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G35 Bass Crackle



I have had this headset for a few months but when I listen to music or play some games such as crysis 2, the bass is all distorted and starts to crackle everytime. It is very annoying.


I am currently on the latest 8.20 drivers (ive tried reverting back to a lot of old drivers but I am still having the same problem).


I have also tried unchecking bass management in the sound settings.


Does anyone have any recommendations on what settings to use in the sound equalizer that has a loud clear bass but doesn't crackle or a fix to this problem?


I know a lot of people with the same issue.



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Re: G35 Bass Crackle


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Re: G35 Bass Crackle

Hello Chaldo26,


Please ensure your headset is plugged directly in to your computers USB port and not in to a pass through device such as a USB hub.  If you are able to, please test your headset on a different computer.  The G35 does come with a two year warranty.  If your problem persists, it could be due to a defective headset.  If this is the case, I would recommend you contact Customer Care for your region for further assistance and a possible warranty replacement.  If you currently reside in North America, please feel free to contact me via private message.


I hope this helps you out.




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Re: G35 Bass Crackle

Lol, nope still the same thing.


You know whats funny?


I go to my friends house and they have an older model of the g35. Feels heavier, the cups are a lil smaller and the mic has a diff design.


But you know what? The bass has no distortion and it sounds a lot better. Is there any way you guys can send me a replacement for that particular model?

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Re: G35 Bass Crackle

the bass problem is absolutly nothing to do with drivers or usb, its a fault your engineers created in every headset.

the resivoir capacitors for the op-amp.

i have taken my headset apart because i was sick to the teeth of the awful sound quality coming from the headset.


i have replaced these capacitors with a top audiophile grade gold branded 470uf 16v capacitors.

and i must say the bass responce from this headset after i have modded it is freaking insane.

the op-amp within my g35 headset now has the perfect of power to stop any distortion no matter how loud or how much bass is put into it.


the reason your engineers have made such a bad product that has so much potential, is because they didnt design the hardware side of this headset properly.

so a good hint for your engineers is dont cheap out on the components like the circuit components because to tell you the truth, the circuit design is pretty poor especially for the price i paid for this headset the day it came out.


i know im sounding like im hateing on this product but im not. i love your products. i own the entire G-series gaming products except the wireless headset.


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Re: G35 Bass Crackle

That doesn't seem to be the case for me... the problem only appeared for me after I installed the LGS, which replaced the old drivers for the headset. (sorry if this is a necro, by the way.) The software that came on the disc with the G35 I have handles the lower end just fine, and if I had the choice, I'd revert to that. However, I recently acquired a G500s and now need that software to properly turn off Accelleration. >.>