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G35 Headset USB/Conduction broken

Yesterday my computer stopped recognising my G35 headset, i have tried plugging and unpliging the headset in several different USB Ports and in different computers. So i think that there is something wrong with the USB or conduction. Do any off you know about that problem and how to fix it, because i don't want to send it in because i don't have any other headsets?


Sorry for bad english.

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Re: G35 Headset USB/Conduction broken

Hello Thers,


It seems as though you have done the basic troubleshooting to determine that the headset if defective.  There is not fix other then replacing your headset.  I would suggest contacting Customer Care for your region for a warranty replacement.  If you currently reside in North America, please feel free to contact me via private message.


I hope this helps you out.




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