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G430, worth the upgrade?

So I understand this product is not release yet so its hard to say, but I have a pair of g35's and was wondering if these would offer any kind of "enhanced" experience and to what degree. Maybe one of you fellow techs out there can tell what the differences are?

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Re: G430, worth the upgrade?

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I would say no as they are the same headset just the g430 is s triped down version to save manufacturing costs, it lacks all of the features the g35 has such as the volume wheel, and 3 programable buttoms aswell as the mute button.


When the g35 came out it was a 130 dollar headset the g430 is only 80, can you see the correlation? cheaper producte made cheaper becaue of the economy



the same thing happened to logitech's speaker i own a great set of 2.1 z-2300s they are the best of the best and then they discountinied them and were replaced with a cheaper alternative. 


This isnt only happening with logitech but many other brands such as razer and sony, aswell as other major names in electronics have been losing touch with quality. 

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Re: G430, worth the upgrade?

I am hoping they come out with a better version of the g35 or g930... these new ones don't look that interesting.