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G930 Lag and crashing

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How do i tell you this, I love you guys so much... I have a g15 (the big one, its still best) a G5, a s510, TWO mk520's, a joystick, 7.1 speakers, and thats just whats ON my desk... but, the (word filter evasion) G930 I just purchased is a horrible piece of crap... why did you even bother... I am so pissed i wasted $170 on these stupid things I cannot even begin to explain it. 


They should be a great product, but they have caused SO much lag... really how can these be a G series product? They only (Word filter evasion) up your game. before them I was limited by the length of cable on my edymonics, now I have to reboot every 10 minutes or battlefield 2 lags horribly every 30 seconds... Its not my computer, it worked before, and it will work after, but seriously, is my computer not fast enough for these? let me give you some specs... I know its not the fastest thing but give it a break its old.


Core 2 Quad Yorkfield 3ghz

8GB of 1333 ram

boot drive is 2 150GB Velociraptors in a Raid 0

install drive is 3 1TB Spinpoint F3 drives in a Raid 5

video supplied by XFX Radeon 5870 driving 1 Samsung 26" display with  2 Samsung  24" displays on either side, Eyefinity 5760x1200


yeah I know i7 is out but i didn't see that on the req list for your headset, doubt it would make a difference. 


Now if your headset causes me to lag... there is a problem with IT, NOT ME!!!! 

fix your (Word filter evasion) or refund my money... 


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Re: G930 Lag and crashing

easy  rueffinkiddin ^^

... you're not the only one with higher expectations on the G930.  Logistuff got me early ( in times, mice spoke serial ^^); the headset is fine hardware. Now it's time for the softwarewizzards to do there black magic and cookin new drivers.