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G930 disconnects constantly

My G930 have started to disconnect several a MINUTE in periods.

I have to suspect that it's caused by wireless networks. The problem is I live in an area with 6-7 wireless networks.

It got even worse lately, and I noticed that someone got a new wireless that has a very powerfull signal.

When I do a scan for networks using my smartphone, I am told some of the networks have a strength of about -40 dBm.

This seems to be more than my G930 can handle.

I TRIED to contact my neighbours and ask politely if they could switch channels or move the wireless systems,

but people seem to not care.


I have the reciever about ½ a meter (2 feet) from my headset normally, but sadly this is also where the wireless signals are strongest. And don't tell me to move my equipment, as my desk is inbuilt into the appartment, so I can't.

I also tried all the tips I have been able to find regarding connection issues for the G930. None of them helped.


Is it really not possible to switch the channel on the G930? If not, why?

With the price I paid for this set it should NOT be that sensitive to interference.


NOTE! Except for the italic text, this message is mostly ment as information, AND a warning to would-be owners of G930's. Check the area for wireless networks BEFORE buying this set. If might be money out the window.

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Re: G930 disconnects constantly

Hello SnowmanDK,


Unfortunately, you really can't change the channel of the wireless signal of the Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930. Smiley Sad I'm not sure if you might have already tried this but you can also try using an extension USB cable to further extend the USB receiver away from wireless interference. Besides wireless interference, another possible cause of the connection dropping out is there might be a problem with the USB receiver too. If possible, temporarily test your Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 on a different location free from possible wireless interference to check if it might be a problem with the receiver. If the issue is caused by a faulty wireless receiver, you can call the Logitech Support Team of your region for a warranty replacement.



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Re: G930 disconnects constantly

Had the headset for 4 months... now its disconnecting all the time... turn it on 3 seconds later it turns itself off!!... so annoying... been on the internet for solution for hours... I have tried diff usb ports unplug from back to front, front to back without dongle station with dongle station... updated drivers... 


How do I go about getting a refund?

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Re: G930 disconnects constantly

I'm with my 2nd g930 now. My old one had the same issues and I sent it back to Amazon...

After three days use, the new one had the same. It only happens when my PC runs for at least two days straight. Additionally I will then get a very loud buzzing sound at some point - just out of the blue.


This procedure usually works for me:


  • Unplug the USB Dongle from the socket
  • Disconnect the Headset from the power cord if connected
  • Wait a minute
  • Connect the Headset to USB power for charging and let it charge while the USB is still unplugged
  • Wait again, ideally three hours, this is how long the headset takes for a full charge.
  • Plug in the dongle again
  • Set up Skype and Windows again to use the Headset and Microphone


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Re: G930 disconnects constantly

Eddu wrote:
  • Wait again, ideally three hours, this is how long the headset takes for a full charge.


lol Smiley LOL