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G930 problem

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Hi, I've just received my new headset, the Logitech G930. I was so happy to begin with, but it didn't take long until I found a very annoying problem. The headset keeps making a sound, like every 5 min. Not only that, when this sound appears, it pauses my spotify and makes it unable to start the music again. Same thing with skype, when the annoying little sound shows up, it makes me unable to hear what my friends are saying in skype, but they can hear me. And sometimes it even kicks me from the call. Please help me figure out what it is. I believed that it was that the headset kept disconnect from my USB transmitter, however, it's always green and I don't understand why it would pause my spotify and don't let me play anymore songs after that. Smiley Sad

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Re: G930 problem

Hi Ollonbryn,


In order to assist you better could you please let me know which Operatin System you currently own? What Logitech Gaming Software you have currently installed? 


Meanwhile, try to reinstall your G930 drivers:


1. Open the Device Manager and expand the Sound, video and Game controllers section.
2. Right click on the Logitech G930 and select uninstall.
3. Unplug the receiver and restart the computer.
4. After the computer boots up, plug the receiver into a different USB and wait for the drivers to automatically reload.
5. Once the drivers are installed you should get a message saying "Your device is ready to use".
Please give this a try.
Kind regards,

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