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H530 Sound through Speakers NOT Headset - Help

I just purchased the Logitech H530 headset to make calls from my computer.  The sound quality is great!  But, I can only get the sound through my Computer speakers and not the headset itself.


It is more than a bit annoying as everyone can hear what my caller is saying.


I have read many of the posts here, no help that I can find. 


I have read the white paper on setting up USB headsets for Windows.  Closer but still no cigar.


When I go in to my Control Panel > Sound > Manage Audio Device

I see a Green Check next to my speakers, but the speakers are called "2-Logitech USB Headset"

I also see a Green Telephone icon next to the Headset. called "Independent Dual Headphones"


That is about as far as I got before I decided I did not want to go changing things with out asking for help. 


I will have to return these if I can't get the sound out of the ear pieces while on a call.  I really can't have everyone in the office yelling at me because my phone calls are being broadcast though the system speakers.


Help please,






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Re: H530 Sound through Speakers NOT Headset - Help

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I'm having the same exact problem.  Have had the headphones for about a week - at first they worked great, then I had a system update and the headphones are showing as speakers in my computer's Control Panel.  I've downloaded the troubleshooter, which seemed to have done something but i still can not get sound from IE to play through the headsets.


I'm using Windows 7.


1/20/11 - an update on this.  I found that if I open Device and Printers and ran the troubleshooter for the headsets I could get them working.  The device still shows as a speaker in my sounds panel but the troubleshooter got the speakers working.  It craps out from time to time - i just rerun the troubleshooter again and things work again.  Interesting note - the troubleshooter completes and says that it could not find any problems but this does solve the problem.