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H760 control software?

I'm trying to figure out how to (a) make the buttons work and (b) have my speakers reactivated when I turn off the headset. 


The latter is the most bothersome, as I have unplug the USB dongle to get the speakers to work.  It seems like just shutting off the headset OUGHT TO do it.  It's really annoying.


I don't see any download for this headset, so I guess there is nothing Logitech provides?  They are usually on top of such things.  The mouse and keyboard unitying tool is so slick, why nothing for the headsets?


I'm using Windows 7 Pro, for what that's worth.  Am I missing some audio/video-related features of the' home' editions?

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Re: H760 control software?

Hi DonNB,


We do have a software download for this headset, that will make the buttons work with iTunes and Windows Media Player. You can find it here:


To have your speakers play audio when you're done using your headset, you can either unplug the receiver, or set your speakers as your default playback device. If you're not sure how to do that, there is a good tutorial here that you can follow:



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Re: H760 control software?

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Personally, I don't seem to need the Logitech download. The default Win 7/64 driver allows me to control Media Player.


I do think that it's a shame that a £70 (i.e. by no means cheap) headset doesn't have any capacity to let me control another media player. 1by1, VLC or WinAmp, for example. 


I have put a shortcut to the Sounds control panel on my desktop. I have also renamed (via Properties within the Sounds dialogue) the key speaker set-ups, so that I can easily remember which one to switch to. It is disappointing that I have to use such a cumbersome workaround. Couldn't the driver (or an optional download) flip back to the previous speaker setup when the headset is turned off?


Anyway, the set-up I have described works reasonably well. I have posted it here in case it helps somebody else. Unplugging the dongle is not a very practical option because you really want to leave it hanging out of your PC rather than regularly removing/replacing it.