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H800 Headset Bluetooth Audio With PC, Static while using microphone

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Whenever the microphone receives sounds or is enabled to input, the sound coming out of the headphones will become staticy and distorted, generally horrible quality. However when the H800 Microphone is not in use, the sound quality is just fine. I know for sure that it is caused by this as I have tested it when my mic is enabled and I also tested it with other mics as well. With the other Mics the sound quality does not become distorted while in use and this holds true for every program.


Any possible solutions? Anyone else have this problem? The dongle also does not work but I got past that by using bluetooth which is fine for me.


Thanks for reading, Please assist. ;o


EDIT: I tried using the mic, coming from other people, I sound like a wind tunnel, i.e. static as well, could this have something to do with the bluetooth connection being crappy?

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Re: H800 Headset Bluetooth Audio With PC, Static while using microphone

You are spot on with this observation. I have noticed the same problem using Skype. Infact, you can't even enable the Mic until you've shifted to VOIP mode. The Mic works but the sound input/output both become distorted.


The best way to use these headphone with Skype is in MUSIC mode and an external microphone/Laptop Camera Mic, attached. Why did they include a microphone in the first place? Since we obviously have to rely on an external one.