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Headset not charging.

Hi, ive been perfectly fine with my headset for a few months now and have had no conplaints what-so-ever about it until last night. I go to plug it in to start charging and the micro usb isnt charging it anymore. i figured it was the usb cord/charger so i tested it out with 3 other chargers. none of which worked. meaning i suppose that my headset's female micro usb is somehow damage when its been sitting perfectly untouched unless its being used at the given moment. Is there any way shape or form that i could get help on a fix for this? or what i can do to fix it at all? really annoyed at the possibility of having to get a new headset merely because the micro usb charge system is taking a very random dump on me. Ty in advance.

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Re: Headset not charging.

Hi Xeler92,


In order to assist you better, could you please let me know which Logitech Headset you currently own? 


I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,

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