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Logitech G35 problems

So my problem is this... I have owned this product since it was first released, the software available worked perfectly with Vista home premium x32 and Windows 7 home premium x64. It just suddenly stopped working one day, it was plugged into a new laptop and it wouldn't recognize it, upon plugging it into the desktop it was usually in, it would not work either. 

The software is up to date on both computers, for both the G35 software and current windows updates. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, and checked windows update to make sure it had not installed a previous version.

The headset will either not be recognized, and fail to do anything, show up in the task manager as a Logitech G35 headset or Unknown device , but has errors and can't start, or show up in the sound manager as "Headset earphone UAC355B"




When it does show up as UAC355B, the headset and mic are usable, but the G35 software will not start, and the headphones only play in stereo.


I have found threads with the same exact issue (Here) and one of the moderators, Mike_M replied that the headsets were defective. 

I am still trying just trying to get my headphones working again, I am not sure if they are broken or if it was an update from Logitech or Microsoft, or both, that caused the problem.

I hope this all helps, thank you very much for the support.