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Logitech G930 Won't Charge At All

Recently purchased my G930 from Best Buy, had a G35 but I wanted to go wireless.

Ran okay for the first day, pluged it in to charge it at the end of the night, woke up to it without a charge at all.

It's plugged into the usb dongle and all connections are in and secure. Yet the charging light is not turning on.

Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Logitech G930 Won't Charge At All

I assume the transmitter is also plugged into the charging base...


If this is not the case, then connect it there, and see if it still works.


Anyway, if it works, then that means the problem can be anywhere in the connection between the base and the headphones... and there's not much I can think about from here Smiley Tongue


Just make sure it's connected to the headphones securely. The light next to the plug where you connect on the headphones should slowly blink orange...


I know I'm not much help, just telling you what I think :/


If all else fails, go to where you bought it and get a replacement (you have a warranty).

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Re: Logitech G930 Won't Charge At All

Neither will mine, I have to use it plugged in... If I wanted a wired G930 I would just buy the G35...


It doesn't charge and at best lasts 2-3 minutes when disconnected from the PC.


I have left it to charge over night even and nothing... It won't even turn off properly, it just automatically turns itself back on whenever I switch it off...


Logitech are refusing to help me because I am in Australia. This **bleep** Smiley Sad