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Not loud enough? G35




I recently bought the logitech 35 headset, but i have 1 problem, the volume is too soft, even at 100% and i have everything in windows maxed to 100%. I saw on other threads that this is a common issue; however, i coudln't find any solutions to it, and the few threads i was able to read were outdated.


I updated all my drivers, but still the volume isn't loud enough. This is the first time i buy a logitech product, and i must say for a 100$ headset i'm pretty dissapointed, my 2 year old razer that costed me 50$ are much more louder and about the same when it comes to sound quality.


Just wondering if there's any solution to this problem yet.



Thanks Smiley Happy


BTW i run windows 7, 64 bit.

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Re: Not loud enough? G35

I, too, am having issues. I was told the latest update was supposed to fix the volume issue, but I notice no difference with the latest software. I've tried getting it from the Support page for the G35, and with the "look for updates" feature that comes with the software.


I also run Windows 7 64-bit.