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USB headset - one ear-piece has gone out

Hello! I have this issue with my headset that I just encountered. I could use some help if possible! I have a USB headset and only had this issue today just a few minutes ago. I went away from computer to do some offline work and when I came back and played some music, only one ear works! I have had my usb headset for a few months. I'm hoping this can be fixed! Is there any suggestions or ideas?


Much thanks.

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Re: USB headset - one ear-piece has gone out

Well if you wiggle the cord at the ear piece does it cut in and out? Or if you reset or restart your system does it work again?


I rarely replace headsets for any other reason than for when the sound starts cutting in and out from the cord being stressed from normal use until the connection at the headphone or issues with the inline volume controls. I have in the past been able to fix a couple of headsets, but it required soldering and heat shrink. My last set I had to remove the volume control altogether since it was an issue with the volume dialing wheel itself.


But if yours is a connection problem and your headset is still under warrantee I don't recommend trying to repair it, as it will Void the Warrantee. If it is still covered you may just wish to RMA or Return them.