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Vantage USB Headset

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Hello, I've got a problem. On 23-12-2008 I bought the Vantage USB Headset (A-0205B). It worked perfect on when I plugged it in. Now I want to use it again, meanwhile I installed several updates, also Vista SP2. I never used my headset on SP2, it only worked on SP1, this because I haven't used my headset for months.. Maybe a year.   


Anyway, I tested the headset on a Windows XP system, and it worked fine. What is the problem with my Windows Vista SP2 32-bits Home Premium? When I plug in the headset, my system installs the drivers, but doesn't use it. It is listed in Device Manager, but not in playback devices or whatever.


I tried this: , but that didn't work.


Link of a DxDiag report:


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