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G19_BF4 by Timisoft for BF4 (+ G13/G15/G510)



I'm the creator of G19_BF4, an applet for both Color and Monochrome LCD capable Logitech devices like G13 / G15 / G510 / G19 etc.

The applet can show several statistics of a player name in BF4 directly from Battlelog.
It can be set to update the stats automatically (maximum 3 updates per hour in free version)
even during in a middle of a round of BF4, without you to do anything.
The current available stats screens are General and Scores, both available in Mono and Color output.
More stats screens will follow with every newest version of the applet.

Below follow the prerequisites this applet needs, to run on your system:
- a Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard or other Logitech device with a monochrome LCD
- Logitech Gaming Software 8.50+ installed with given access on G19 BF4 application
- .Net Framework Platform (version 4.5) installed
- Allow applet to access the internet
- Allow applet to Run As Administrator

The applet can be found at []. Just use the top menu to navigate to G19_BF4 homepage,
where you can find more info about the applet and its W.I.P./News.
Finally, you can also read the possibility to increase the maximum updates per hour by a simple typical donation.


Changes of version 0.0.6:
-Added Weapons Stats (G19, Monochrome LCD)
-Added Build Date on About Tab
-More information if a outdated version is been used
-Fixed action of Update Applet in system tray's menu

This applet wouldn't be available without the help from my friend Ntinsky and many helpful beta testers !

I'm open to ideas and questions for the applet. Or even bugs that you might have found.
You can found my email in applet's homepage or the applet itself.


Hope you like it and have fun using the applet.

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Re: G19_BF4 by Timisoft for BF4 (+ G13/G15/G510)

Hello timimann,


Thank you for sharing this information with us. I'm sure most of our users will definitely be interested to use this applet in BF4.




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Re: G19_BF4 by Timisoft for BF4 (+ G13/G15/G510)

[ Edited ]

Thanks Giddie01.


I just want my Logitech LCD capable device to be more worthy while playing a game -as many other owners will agree with me.


Also, today a new version of the applet has been released:

What's new in 0.0.7 ?


  • Added Vehicles Stats (Color, Monochrome)
  • Added 2 more pages in General Stats (Color,Monochrome)
  • Fixed Fetch Online Stats upon start-up


Have fun with the applet.

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Re: G19_BF4 by Timisoft for BF4 (+ G13/G15/G510)

New version is out ( 0.0.8 ) !

Changes from version 0.0.7:
 -Added error handling for network problems
 -Added a manual Battlepack Countdown Timer (Color, Monochrome)

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Re: G19_BF4 by Timisoft for BF4 (+ G13/G15/G510)

New version of the applet is available (0.0.9).


Changes from version 0.0.8:


0.0.9 (23/03/2014)           
 -Added images for ranks 101-120
 -Added missing weapons and vehicles for Second Assault and Naval Strike