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Logitech G-X2D11 problems

Hello, I recently bought two Logtech G-X2D11 wireless controllers to use with my PS2. I have one of the older PS2s. Whenever I try to connect using either controller, the light on the controller comes on solid red and the light on the receiver flashes green and I am not able to use either controller in the game. Is there anything I can do to make them work?



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Re: Logitech G-X2D11 problems

It means for some reason the receiver lost sync of the controller. Plug just one controller in, then place fresh batteries into the controller. Then, press the round button on the front of the receiver. After that, press a face button on the gamepad, and wait for the blinking to stop. If you want to connect another controller, wait 2 minutes, then remove the receiver, place the other one in, and repeat the process with the other controller. After both are reconnected like that, then they can be used at the same time.