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Boxee Box & Apple TV



Will Harmony Ultimate be compatible with the Boxee Box and Apple TV? I think they both uses RF signals and what I can understand the Ultimate uses RF and IR ?


If so, I will definitely through my One out the window and buy this one.

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Re: Boxee Box & Apple TV

The Ultimate only sends RF to the Hub, it cannot control RF devices, and the Hub intern sends IR to the devices.  Or the remote can be set to send IR directly to the devices with out first sending to the Hub.

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Re: Boxee Box & Apple TV

The Harmony Ultimate, along with all Harmony remotes, is able control your Apple TV provided it is updated to the latest iOS version.


To update your Apple TV’s iOS version:

 * Go to Settings on your Apple TV

 * Select General

 * Select Update Software


If your Apple TV does not respond to your Harmony remote after these steps:

 * Enter device mode on your Harmony remote.

     * Harmony One has a physical ‘Device’ button

     * On the Harmony Ultimate navigate to Menu > Devices.

 * Select the Apple TV device, and hold the Harmony within 3 inches of the Apple TV

 * From the LCD of your Harmony remote, select the ‘Unpair’ command


Your remote should now be configured to control your Apple TV.


Boxee Box is a RF only product and is not compatible with the Harmony remote lineup.


The Harmony Team