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ac adapter replacement

Hi I need to replace my ac adapter for my remote, R3108 5.5 is on the adapter. I see a lot of ac's on ebay bit I want to find the right replacement. Radio shack doesn't carry them and logistic does not sell them either. Thanks

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Re: ac adapter replacement

What model Harmony remote do you have?

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Re: ac adapter replacement

heres everything on the back of the remote


pi/n 815-0000057


pid WD852XM




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Re: ac adapter replacement

Hello iluvww,


 Please see the link provided below for your answer :


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Re: ac adapter replacement

Travel Universal Ac Adapter

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People who travel a lot love to use it because it allows to connect different types of plugs to one side, and thereafter by turning the knob selector, a wide variety of plug blades come popping out from its other side. The size of this universal adapter is small enough to get fitted to your crowded suitcase. The price of this product is also reasonable -around $17. More information how to find good and cheap universal ac adapter from this site.