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Harmony 510 programming

Hello, new ti the forum and have a question:


I just bought a Harmony 510 and set it up w/o problems. Terrific gadget.

My AVR (Pioneer Elite) has a USB-Ipod input on the front panel and while I can control the Ipod from the devices section, I would like to make it an activity. I tried in the add activity but there's no USB or Ipod option in the "add device" drop down menu.

Is it possible to do this somehow?



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Re: Harmony 510 programming

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Hi ogun228,


Since you mentioned you can control the iPod from device mode, you do not need to add in another device like an iPod dock because the controls are in the A/V Receiver. Don't add a Listen to Digital Music activity because the software will ask to add an iPod dock. Create a 'Listen to Music' > then 'Listen to Radio' activity and have the Receiver go to the USB input. You can rename the activity to 'Listen to iPod' and then customize the buttons so that the controls are for the iPod.


To rename the activity, please follow these steps.

1. Click 'Settings' beside the activity.

2. Choose 'Rename' and then type in what you would like to call it.

3. Click 'Save' to save changes and then 'Done'


To customize the buttons, please follow these steps. FAQ

1. From your Harmony home page go to the Activities tab.

2. Click ‘Customize Buttons' beside the activity.

3. Select 'additional buttons' if you wish to add commands to the LCD screen.

4. Scroll to the button you wish to change and select the device and command you wish to send.

5. Scroll to the bottom and Click 'Save'.

6. Click 'Update My Remote' when you have finished with your customizations.




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