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Harmony 550 & Apple TV

Figured everyone was so helpful with my first issue that I would try my second small problem here before I contacted Logitech this time around.


I recently added an Apple TV to my setup.  The Logitech software made it so simple for the device and I was figuring (hoping) that the remote would just be set up.  It is.... 90% of the way.  Everything works but the directions: Left and Right.  As opposed to being mapped to the directional pad on the remote for some reason I cannot seem to get them unmapped from the Rewind and FastForward buttons.  I have reviewed the software and even done infared learning with the original Apple remote, still no luck.


Any thoughts? Suggestions?


PS - While we're on the topic of Apple TV, has anyone found a straightforward way to turn the device off? I have been reading through the threads and if I go to the main menu, and select Standby, or if I go to the main menu and hit Power Off on my Harmony, the device seems to turn off temporarily, but seconds later the light reactivates.

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Re: Harmony 550 & Apple TV

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Good to hear you got on well the first time.

Are the commands wrong in Devices, or in Activities?

If that's in Devices it doesn't matter.

If it's in Activities go to Settings> Customise Buttons and beside the button names select the correct devices and commands.

Does the TV need the power button to be pressed for some time to make it turn off?

If so Logitech support will add a duration to the Harmony's command.


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Re: Harmony 550 & Apple TV

if you recently added the device to your setup, your default power settings will be for separate on/off buttons...and the off 'button' will actually be two durational commands.  it'll be something like 'menu' for 4 or 5 seconds which will always return you to the main menu, and then I think it's 'play' for 4 or 5 seconds (it might be a different command).  that command is able to turn the system off from the main menu.  now, if you've tweaked with the power settings at all, that may have changed...sometimes if you've changed certain settings, you lose the ability to alter the duration of those commands (which is only allowed on certain devices/commands as flagged by logitech).  if that's happened, you would have to delete and readd the device.
however, the power off should be working from activities via the default power commands.  you wouldn't have had to change anything there or add additional commands as the activity ends or anything like that.

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