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Harmony 880 - Won't control volume for ONE activity

I have a Logitech Harmony 880 that for the most part, works as it should. The only thing it refuses to do it control my receiver volume when it is on my Home Theater PC (HTPC) setting.

Here is my setup:

Sony STR-DE985 A/V receiver
Psyclone A/V switch
Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player
Direct TV HD Receiver
Nintendo Wii
Custom built HTPC
Panasonic 42" 1080i plasma TV

Ok, for sound, everything is running into the Psyclone A/V switch in the form of optical audio. It is outputted to the Sony receiver as a single input on the "TV/SAT" setting. The "TV/SAT" setting outputs the audio to the 5.1 speakers connected to the receiver. The Nintendo (which doesn't have an optical output) uses the "DVD/LD" setting on the receiver to allow the standard red/white RCA cables to input.

Things get a bit complicated with video, as the A/V only handles component cables.

For video, the Wii and the Direct TV box connect the the A/V switch via component cables. The Toshiba HD DVD player and HTPC connect via HDMI cables directly to the Panasonic TV.

Here are the settings for each activity:

- Receiver on TV/SAT (digital optical)
- TV on Component 1

- Receiver on TV/SAT (digital optical)
- TV on HDMI 1

- Receiver on TV/SAT
- TV on HDMI 2

- Receiver on DVD/LD (red/white RCA cables)
- TV on Component 1

As you can see, the Wii is the only component that has a "different" audio connection, apart from the other activities. The HTPC is connected EXACTLY the same way as the DVD is, however, when set to HTPC volume CANNOT be controlled with the Harmony 880 as it can on the DVD. Keep in mind, the audio works perfectly fine. The only issue is that I have to use the receiver's remote to control the volume when on this activity.

I've tried wiping the remote. Scrapping my settings on the Logitech remote software, and even manually remote-to-remote programming each key from the Sony receiver's remote. I am out of ideas here...
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Re: Harmony 880 - Won't control volume for ONE activity

First thing I would check is that the commands are mapped correctly.
In the setup, under the HTPC activity, select customize, change behavior of buttons...then make sure that the volume commands for the receiver are correctly mapped to the volume up and down buttons.

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