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Harmony One and Apple TV Issues

Like many before me, I had extreme difficulty in getting the Harmony One to correctly control the Apple TV.  A lot of the "fixes" center around unpairing your remote to get it to work, but that's not the real problem even though it's a temporary fix.


Here's what I've learned and a permanent fix:


1.  Unpair your Apple TV remote (if it has been paired intentionally or accidently) so that the One can control it.


2.  Setup up the Apple TV as Computer, Media PC and then enter "Apple TV."


3.  In the One setup, you want to set the Apple TV device to "power is always on."


4.  The standard setup for the Apple TV sets the Apple TV input to "front row."  Turn that off.


Basically with the Apple TV being always on, the "Watch Apple TV" activity does nothing with the Apple TV.  It just sits there, turned on and waiting for the TV input to switch to it.


5.  When you switch to the "Watch Apple TV" activity, you'll notice the remote buttons do not control the Apple TV.  If you switch to Device/Apple TV, then the buttons will control it.  But if you switch back to "Watch Apple TV" activity, then the remote quits controlling the Apple TV.  Why this happens, I do not know.


And it's not really practical to use the remote in the Apple TV Device mode, because then you cannot control the TV volume functions.


6.  To get control of Apple TV and have the TV functions such as volume, you need to to to the "Watch Apple TV" activity and program the buttons like this:


      Menu button                          Apple TV Menu button

      Volume UP button                 TV Volume Up button 

      Volume Down button             TV Volume Down button

      Mute button                            TV Mute button

      Up button                               Apple TV direction up button

      Down button                           Apple TV direction down button

      Left button                             Apple TV direction left button

      Right button                           Apple TV direction right button

      OK button                               Apple TV Select button 

      Rewind button                        Apple TV rewind

      Fast Forward button               Apple TV fast forward


By programming these buttons, you can now have the TV volume as well as the Apple TV functions without going back and forth to the Device controls.  You can program additional buttons and get all of the Apple TV remote functions.


It took me about 20 hours to learn this.  It seems simple looking back at it, but it was difficult to learn all of this.  I hope it helps you get your Apple TV working correctly



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Re: Harmony One and Apple TV Issues

Regarding point 3: You don't need to leave the AppleTV permanently on.  The problem is that the Harmony database for this device contains incorrect infrared signals for attempting powering the AppleTV "on" and "off".


For a start, there's no such concept as powering on and off with the AppleTV: it's either on or it's in standby mode. 


The Harmony database has the play button held down for 5000ms to "power on" (when in fact this will put the the unit in standby mode) and the play and menu buttons held down together for 5000ms to power off, (when this will simply increment the UID of the AppleTV remote).  That these commands seem to switch the unit in and out of standby is almost an accident and is probably causing other the other problems people have listed.


Have a look at Apple's Knowledge Base article HT3176 (that goes for you too Logitech!) and check the real commands this unit can receive.


Hint: I changed the "power on" to Play for 800ms (because that's all it takes to wake the unit from standby) and "power off" to Play for 3500ms.

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Re: Harmony One and Apple TV Issues

Worked for me... Brilliant! Works good on ATV 3.0. Also help me solve some problems I was having running a Foxtel box. Cheers.

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Re: Harmony One and Apple TV Issues

How do you change the PowerOn to "Play" on ATV to 800ms? The only options are 500 and 1000ms.


I only want to turn my ATV on and off, I don't want to control the ATV with the Harmony remote. I'll use the ATV remote or an iPhone.



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Re: Harmony One and Apple TV Issues

I only bought my Apple TV about three weeks ago so maybe a software update fixes these issues but I have not had any of these problems.  I turned it on, added it to my Harmony and it works straight away without any pairing or unpairing of remotes.  A friend of mine said he had problems when he first bought his as well (about a year ago).  Am I just lucky or has a software update fixed all of this?

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Re: Harmony One and Apple TV Issues

I still don't have it quite right, although I think with enough custom button programming I could.  What I'd like is the ability to copy the buttons from a device to an activity, to use as a starting point.  If I could have the buttons that are active when I select the "Apple TV" device available in my "Watch Apple TV" activity, then add the volume up/down to control my AV receiver, it would be perfect!


This seems to work by default for other activities, but I've tried deleting and re-adding my Apple TV device and my Watch Apple TV activity with no luck.