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Harmony One w/ Charter's Moxi Media Center

Hello all.

With high hopes of replacing my four remotes with one, I Finally decided to dive into this super duper remote control fiasco.


It works OK, right out of the box. But is NOT performing the way id expect a $200 remote to perform. So Im here hoping to get some assistance before I send this beautiful piece of sketchy performing equipment back to amazon. Smiley Happy


First, I dont know what the hell this Moxi box model number is, but its the standard issue Charter box, and it looks like this;


Here are the main issues that I havnt been able to fix with my Charter Moxi box;

1. All keys have a pretty significant delay compared to the original Moxi remote.

2. The up/down control keys are especially troublesome. Up doesnt seem to respond very well at all, then it will suddenly go crazy and skip up several selections.

2. Down is especially laggy.


I have tried changing the model number in the Logitech software, but the only ones that work AT ALL, are the 'Moxi Media Center DVR' and the 'Moxi 2-TV Media Center'. Those two give the same results.

I have also tried changing the setting under 'Troubleshoot' that says Increase if the PVR isnt responding or Decrease if the PVR responds too much. I was able to stop the Up key from freaking out, but the delays got EVEN worse.


The next thing I was going to try is to make the Harmony 'learn' the commands from the original remote, but I figured Id post something here to see if anyone has any other ideas.


Thanks in advance.

I really hope setting this up with my Yamaha receiver and my PS3 works better than this....