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Logitech Vs Bose 321

I'm wondering if there is anyone that has the Bose 321,  I'm able to get most of the features working but, I sometime use the volume on the Bose to listen to a movie on my cable box. I don't know how to make that work with my logitech remote. Any help would be great
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Re: Logitech Vs Bose 321

Setup a separate Activity to include the Bose 321, when the setup asks what controls the volume say the Bose 321
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Re: Logitech Vs Bose 321

1. make sure that your model (I'm not familiar with bose product specs) is one that can handle IR as well as RF (which has long been the bose default)...
2. make sure your bose has been placed in IR mode
3. add it as a device and include it in any activities that you need

most of this is spoken to in the sticky...

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Re: Logitech Vs Bose 321

Ive programmed many logitech remotes with bose systems. They always work for me. Just make sure that the bose model matches under the mini system (cd,dvd,radio). If its any model other than bose 321 like the bose lifestyle models you must make sure to change the IR/RF settings in the bose on screen under remote settings. Good luck.