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Norwood Micro Support?

I own a 30" Norwood Micro LCD TV (from CompUSA) and am thinking of buying the 659 Harmony to control it.  I am curious if this brand is supported?  I have never had a remote for the TV and would love the ability to be able to control this via remote.  If the 659 can not, can any of the Harmony remotes do so?  Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: Norwood Micro Support?

There are definitely entries in the online database for norwood micro TVs.
If you go to the logitech harmony web pages and select a remote there is a "Take a Test Drive" option at the top of the overview section which will allow you to see if your devices are in the online database.
All the harmony remotes use the same underlying database so you would usually base your decision on which harmony on some other features like cost, feel, button position, looks, color screen, rechargable (or not), RF, etc.