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Philips DVD Player Standby mode

I am using the Harmony 550 remote. My philips dvd player (DVP5982) goes into standby mode if not in use. That creates a problem with trying to a setup an activity to watch a dvd.

Initially I had set the watch DVD activity to turn on TV and the DVD player, set the right channel and it would work fine. However sometimes I would want to put in a dvd first and so the DVD player would be already on when I hit the 'watch DVD' activity and consequently the DVD player would turn off (due to the activity toggling power for the dvd).

Instead, I set my remote to always have the DVD player always on. But because my dvd player goes into standby mode, when I go to watch a DVD, the activity doesn't take it out of standby mode. I also tried assigning a button on the remote to be the 'PowerToggle' for the dvd but that doesnt seem to turn the dvd on or off.

Any ideas?
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Re: Philips DVD Player Standby mode

1. always start the activity before loading the dvd.  I basically press watch dvd, then go get the movie and put it in.
2. find the real power command and assign that to the LCD

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Re: Philips DVD Player Standby mode

Check if your DVD-player supports Discrete commands.

Or if the player wakes up to other commands, program your
remote to send one of those at the start of the Activity.
Like my DVD-player also wakes up when i press "Eject" on
the remote, so having "Eject" sent at the start of an
Activity will wake it up if neccesary and open up the drawer...
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Re: Philips DVD Player Standby mode

I am using the Harmony 880 remote with a philips dvd recorder (DVDR3575) and had the same problem
in that the Philips unit goes into standby mode if not in use.
I eventually changed to have the philips unit set up to remain on all the time as you did.
Then in an activity, I sent the "PowerToggle" once to turn it off. Then I send about a 5 seconds delay and then send the "PowerToggle" again to turn it on. ( I only send a 2 second delay to the Philips unit but I send other delays to the TV between the 1st powertoggle and the 2nd powertoggle. So it if the delays are device independent (?) than it totals 5 seconds delay.).
I also can use the "Device" button to switch control to the DVD recorder unit on the remote and then have a PowerToggle soft button available in the window just in case I need it.
I like the other suggestion offered of trying to figure out if another button might bring it out of standby as a side effect.
Good luck!