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Proscan TV discrete input codes?

I just upgraded to a Proscan 40LC45S, but I miss my old TV's discrete input changing. Having to manually advance through the inputs at first was annoying on my old TV, but this one actually brings up a menu, which is visually distracting as well. Anyone know of any info regarding Proscan discrete input codes, or other Proscan models that already support it? I don't mind doing some work (assuming I have the necessary tools and skills) to get this to work, but searches here and on Google aren't turning up too much helpful info.
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Re: Proscan TV discrete input codes?

Hello InvisiBill,

The only option left in this case is to contact the manufacturer and see if they have the IR Hex codes for discrete input commands. Some manufacturers do provide them, while some don't. Also, if you happen to find pronto files/codes for discrete commands, we can convert those too.