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Re: Support for Apple TV?

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I'm also having trouble getting the "press and hold" to work with the AppleTV. I tried to teach the remote in RAW format the difference between a short click and a hold for the FF and REW. It accepts the short click fine, but did not seem to accept a hold for any duration. The remote's screen would flash for a second but the software seemed like it was still waiting for a click.

In addition, the Harmony just seems to be so much slower than the native remote. I can fly through menu items with rapid clicks with the Apple remote, but a single click on the Harmony results in the little "code being sent" graphic showing up on the screen for about a second. If I try clicking rapidly with the Harmony, sometimes I overshoot the desired item as the remote tries to catch up. I tried turning the delay down to 100ms and the repeats down to 0, but the Harmony still seems to be sluggish.

I'm using an 890 without the extender. Editing on Macs.

Any advice?

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Re: Support for Apple TV?

I got it working very well now with the Harmony 890 and using the wireless extender (RF to IR). Nice Scrolling too!

I did not understand the RAW programming very well - still do not, but don't worry, what I have is snappy enough for me, all things considered.

Here is what you do.

Setup the AppleTV as a Computer - Media Center PC - Rename it to Apple TV or whatever you want.

Set up the IR to go through the wireless extender - which is what you want to have of course. (you don't want to have to point the remote at anything right?).

Next Adjust Delays (speed settings) from the new device you created.

Set Inter-Key delay to 100

Leave the inter device where it is (zero).

Now go to Learn IR Commands

Optional commands are what you want - 4 of em "DirectionRight" and so forth.

Click all 4 checkboxes, and click "Learn Selected Commands"

Do the USB plugin thing to the remote and get the white Apple remote and program it like it tells you.

So you did those 4 - probably they are good.

Now go to the bottom on that page of commands and "Learn a New Command" Call one "MENU" and Another "OK-Play" or whatever you want to call it. Click the "Learn Selected Commands" and push the play-ok-pause middle button thingy, and Menu for MENU right? Easy.

Now here is a check you can do to see if you are on track - Click the Custom button on the bottom - see the list of the stuff you programmed. If the format for all of these commands you made is "Analyzed", then you are good ( or at least you'll be set up like me, which is what you want for now).

So that's almost all there is to it.

You'll have to make an "Activity" that uses your Apple TV and your other equipment - you can handle that. Just Don't Forget that you have to "Customize Buttons" for this "Activity" - add the MENU and OK functions here, and get your volume controlled by your Amp or whatever.

SO, in summary, I used the "Analyzed" IR and NOT the RAW. I have a very very slight delay from when I start to scroll, but once it scrolls it's pretty good and accellerates quite well too. Its kind of a "click-whizzzzzzzzz" type feel to the scrolling, and I don't mind that - in fact the original remote does the same - almost exactly the same. All good with these settings so far is what I am saying here. This is good because it seems to work fine through the RF - IR without having a lag or anything.

I would like very much if someone could explain that jazz about the RAW commands - I found that I have the scrolling working fine without using RAW. I don't want to do anymore exploring this evening - I am fine with this as is, but if anyone else has a detailed description of setting up and using RAW commands to get the best scrolling performance, please share. I did not need RAW - so that's important to note.

HOw to I like my new AppleTV you ask? I just got it today, but:
Apple TV's best feature for me has been for the photo synch. I put in about 9000 photo's and the screen saver is a real trip when you do that. So far the music and photo's have been my favorite. I still have to figure out how to stream my iMovie videos nicely - I am wondering if my laptop HD is going to get too full for this stuff. Apple TV is a cool unit - and lots of potential to come for it! Weird that everything goes through iTunes - but I'm sure that will evolve too. I want a YouTube interface on this thing - that's the killer app for AppleTV I'd say.

Hope my geeking out this evening saves you some time with your new Apple TV.

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Re: Support for Apple TV?

I ended up going the easy route for this...setting up my Apple TV as a Mac Mini (I'm sure you could choose any FrontRow-compatible computer) since the remotes work the same way. I didn't have to do any IR Learning this way, and it doesn't ask you to if you enter a model number that it recognizes. I used the Mac Mini model that they had as their example after selecting Apple for the manufacturer. I did have to map the directional buttons, as it pretty much just mapped play/pause/FF/RW by default, but that was a piece of cake.

When I was done, it didn't work at all, but then I realized that my original remote was paired with the Apple TV. I un-paired it, and my Harmony Remote started working. I then paired my Harmony remote with the Apple TV. Everything works great. Holding down the buttons works for scrolling, and holding down play for 5 seconds works for the on/off. The only additional change I'm going to make is to cut the delay down from 500ms to 200ms to make it more responsive.

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Re: Support for Apple TV?

I was reading this thread and I just wanted to add one thing: I got the codes for the ATV directly out of the database and they worked fine--once I selected FF and REW instead of Next Track and Previous Track. Initially, I was mapping my directional buttons to Next/Previous and it was very "choppy". Now, with the aforementioned mapping, my 628 is working almost identically to my Apple Remote (Pairing works as well). I also turned the inter-key delay down to 0 ms.

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Re: Support for Apple TV?

Thanks for innovating this approach, it worked for me as well. The only difference I encountered is that it did ask for my remote and urged me to teach the commands. I ignored the IR procedure and examined the "computer" device it had set up. The several commands present worked with my Apple TV so I went on and taught the directions arrows as you indicated.

Does the device set-up program branch to the "do you have the remote..." question only when it doesn't recognize the device number and if so, what logic does it use to set up commands if you ignore the IR instruction part. It would be very helpful if the program gave us a drop down menu of recognized manufacturer's part numbers.

Thanks again,

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Re: Support for Apple TV?

Well I took the real easy way out. Now if you pick computer and then media center PC and Apple it gives you the example model as Apple TV. Works like a champ.
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Re: Support for Apple TV?

You can access the codes for Apple TV by going to Add Device under Devices and choosing:

• Music Player, then

• Digital Music Server, then

• Apple (as Manufacturer), then

• "Apple TV" (as Model Number -- note the space between "Apple" and "TV"), then

• Check "All of this information is correct," then click Next

That will give you a new "Digital Music Server" device which you can rename and combine into a new activity to also control your TV.
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Re: Support for Apple TV?

I just configured my xbox360 remote for my apple tv. Everything seemed to be working fine for a day and then today it has problems shutting the apple tv off when I switch to another activity. It initially turns it off, then a second later turns it back on. I've tried using the help key, but I have to do it every time i shut the appletv off. I even deleted the activity and device and recreated everything and it would work for a day and then revert to keeping the unit on. Anyone else experience this?
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Re: Support for Apple TV?

Hi Mountjonas,

I'd give tech support a call about this. They should be able to help you out.

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Re: Support for Apple TV?

epstewart wrote:
You can access the codes for Apple TV by going to Add Device under Devices and choosing:

• Music Player, then


I'd advise against that, as the software doens't recognise
a Digital Music Sever as something that can produce images,
so the activity-wizard won't work as it should in my experience...

The codes might be the same, but device-availability won't...