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Troubleshooting Harmony remote and wireless RF extender

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I wanted to share some tips to help anyone trying to configure their Harmony RF Wireless Extender and their Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote.

I have set up the Harmony 880 on another television system and it was straightforward and easy to use the software/web software to select my components, and create activities to, say, turn on the television, amp, and satellite box receive at the same time.

But it took me a long time to figure out how to program the wireless extender using the software/web software. The only reason I had to do it was because the home theater company guy gave up and my inlaws called me to help figure it out.

Here is what you need to know:

1. You must add the wireless extender as a device (I think that is the correct word).

2. Only when I did that did the on-screen software allow me to select the wireless extender from the drop-down menu on the remote control page. That's the page that shows the list of the remote controls you are replacing (tv, amp, sat, dvd, etc.). There is a drop-down menu next to each item. If you only have one choice in the drop-down menu, you have to do step #1 listed above.

3. So, I instructed my Harmony remote to use the "Harmony remote" to control the television. But to use the "Wireless extender" to control the satellite box (which is in the closet). I did this by by selecting "Wireless extender" from the drop-down menu on the right.

4. When everything is saved and you are ready to update your Harmony remote AND wireless extender by connecting both with separate USB wires to your computer (assuming you have two free USB ports), you may see an error message. At first, the computer screen told me to connect both devices to my PC at the same time. But I think there was an error, so I unplugged the Harmony remote and let it update my wireless extender first. You will know which is being updated by the message/image on the computer screen. You can have to try different combinations of connecting one and then the other or both at the same time to get everything to work. I forget exactly how it eventually worked. I may have logged out of the software and then signed back in.

5. Assuming you update your remote AND your wireless extender, you then need to plug the wireless extender into a power source near the devices behind the wall. Then the screen on your Harmony remote will tell you that you need to create an RF network. Basically, this part is similar to what happens when you connect a wireless mouse to the receptor thing and have to press the connect button on each device. Anyway, follow the instructions on the Harmony screen. One of the steps will be to press the connect button on the Wireless extender. A message should appear on the Harmony saying it worked. If so, close the closet door, take a deep breath and press Watch TV on your remote.

Hope this helps someone (or future me who will forget how I got this to work in the first place).

While the software is pretty good, I was disappointed that it wasn't crystal clear how to set up the wireless extender. Hopefully Logitech will fix this. Because I think it is a very good product otherwise.

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