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remote not updating

I have updated the remote about six or seven times before. I'm using the same computer and the same usb ports and same usb cable that came with it. This is why i'm so lost.

I just got an email response from logitech that says this...

Try placing the remote into "Safe Mode". If you are not able to do this please continue to the next section.
1. Remove the battery from the remote.
2. Hold down the "Off" button on the remote and plug the remote into the USB cable.
3. Continue holding the "Off" button until the remote says "Safe Mode"

Update the firmware on the remote.
1. Login to your account through the Harmony remote software.
2. Click 'Downloads' and then select 'Firmware'
3. Follow the prompts to upgrade the firmware on the remote.
* Please note continue the Firmware upgrade process even if the software says you already have the latest firmware

Will try and let you guys know the outcome