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1100 + RD Extender = Annoying solution to double hit issue!

So like a lot of others in this forum, I have had the dreaded double command hit and runaway volume with my Harmony 1100 coupled with the RF extender.


Fortunatly I was within my 90 days on my wireless extender.  After calling Logitech tech support and getting past their 1st level support (annoyed because the girl didn't understand me and she was reading from a script) to a knowlegable tech on their second level support (aka paid, fortunatly I didn't get charged) the solution was explained to me.


Apparently there is a setting within the remotes profile that can be accessed and tweaked from the support end that cannot be accessed from the end user. It does have something to do with the repeats but not where our repeat settings are. It insures that just 1 command is sent at a time for that particular unit (in my case my Verizon Fios DVR and my Sony DG820 receiver). Once that tweak is done from the support side, it will stay there regardless of how you program things.


Now, the hook on all of this is if you change your piece of equipment for a different model or delete and re-create the item, you will have to call back in and request the change again. This can potentially cost you $30.00!


Can someone @ Logitech tell me why can't you guys fix your software so that either this problem is permantly fixed or is accessable by the end user? $30.00 bux per change is rediculous, especially considering I already spent $400.00 on the remote, and 90.00 on the RF Extender!


I certainly encourage anyone with an 1100 to email the crap out of customer support requesting this.


Note: This fix also applies to the Harmony 1000+rf extender