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Activities not working properly? (Harmony 520)

So, I've owned my Harmony 520 for about 8 months now.  It's not really a NEW problem, but it's one that's become more and more annoying.  It might be a matter of me not using it properly, so if that's the case please let me know.


My setup consists of: HDTV, DTV Box, A/V Receiver, PS3, and PC (input to TV).  My three programmed activities right now are Cable, PS3/DVD, and PC.  Cable is set to require power on the TV, DTV Box, and Receiver.  PS3/DVD to require the TV and Receiver.  PC to require the TV and Receiver.


The TV has 3 pertinent inputs: Component, HDMI, and PC.

For all intents and purposes, let's just say the Receiver has the same 3 inputs, controlled independently. (Component, HDMI, and PC) 


My problem so far is that I've had issues with powering on the TV/DTV/Receiver.  The problem is the same for each of the three activities--occasionally (pretty frequently, actually) the devices won't power on properly.  For instance, if I press Activities -> Cable, the TV, DTV Box, and Receiver will all NOT power on.  I can use Help and EVENTUALLY get all three to power on, and switch to the proper inputs, but it's a pain to have to do that more than once in a while--the reason I got the Harmony remote was so I DIDN'T have to deal with a pain when controlling all my electronics, after all.


My workaround previously was just to set the Activity up to have extra commands at startup.  I added in the "PowerOn" command (as opposed to the Power command, which is a toggle if I'm not mistaken) for all devices in the setup.  Then, I would have to add extra commands to switch inputs AFTER that, etc.  Now, this wouldn't bother me normally, but being a techie I know that a)Sending extra commands is going to wear the batteries down a bit faster (not that much faster, but still, it's something) and b)It will take a little bit longer every time I switch the the appropriate activity.


Can anyone offer some input as to why my remote is not working properly?  If it would help, I could upload screenshot(s) of my Harmony setup utility's screens, but I've been as detailed as can be about it.


Sorry if I'm just not using the remote the right way, but I haven't found information saying otherwise yet.


Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Activities not working properly? (Harmony 520)

It sounds like a delay problem.


Have tried using the trouble shooter in the software?

Do all of them not power on or just 1 device? 

Do the power discretes work properly both on and off? if so set them to be the default commands at Device>Adjust power option>1 for on 1 for Off





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Re: Activities not working properly? (Harmony 520)

Thanks for the advice.  I wasn't aware of the device settings > power options.  I will try that now, though there is only a toggle option available for my DTV Box, so I'm not sure how I need to set that up.


I really don't know how I should be setting up the delays, so I'll leave that alone for now in hopes that the PowerOn as opposed to Toggle option will save my setup.  If not, I suppose I'll experiment with figuring out some delay settings.  (Is there a place to look up delays of the manufacturer remotes?  That would make life quite a bit easier, haha) 

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Re: Activities not working properly? (Harmony 520)

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It's not that you're not using the Hamrony the right way - it's just that you haven't found the locations for various adjustments.

The Troubleshoot should have found those for you, but we're here to point you in the right directions.

When you set up a device the default Delay values are usually close to being correct but now you need to check them at Devices> Settings> Adjust Delays.

A typical Power-On for a TV would be anywhere between 5 and 15 seconds; trial and error is one way to find the best value.


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