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Backup for H-One settings?

Let's say I reformat my current computer hard drive....or replace it......or want to do my H1 setup on a different computer than I've been using. How do I 'back up' my configuration so it's portable? I know it actually saves it online, so if I just installed the Remote Software in another machine and logged in with my access info, would I automatically see my current configuration, without having to 'restore' it somehow? It's enough work to get this device tweaked just right for my personal preferences, I'd hate to lose the configuration data.....or worse, feel like I needed to take detailed notes of everything I did, just so I could replicate it in a few months/years, when I've long-since forgotten how I got it to where it is now!
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Re: Backup for H-One settings?

No data is stored in the user's computer.

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Re: Backup for H-One settings?

I hear & understand - however it would be very useful to be able to clone an existing setup to enable modification of a secondary profile/setup for testing "improvements". Thus should everything not work out (or the missus arrive home early!!!) one can easily revert to the known good solution.


Can the setup be cloned and the copy edited & downloaded to the original remote?



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Re: Backup for H-One settings?

see your other thread...only tech support can clone the account for you...

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