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Button Customization

I am trying to get the Harmony 650 to function as my Western Digital WD TV Live Hub remote does. I have tried the following:

- Customize Buttons: changed the buttons to the selections available in the drop-down list of the software.

- Learn IR: tried learning both standard and raw.

In both cases, following updating of the remote, the software shows that the changes have been made and remain in place. However, the Harmony 650 does not work the device according to those button changes.

For example; I’ve changed the “Prev” button to be the “Return” button, but it doesn’t operate like the “Back” button on the WD remote. I’ve used the learn function to set that “Back” button into the Harmony 650 “Prev” button and it confirmed the change and still no effect. How do I get the remote to function according to the way it shows it should?

Of course, if the Western Digital codes had been stored correctly in Logitech's system, this customization wouldn't be necessary.

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Re: Button Customization

Hello Fannys,

On the Harmony 650 remote control please click the devices option and choose the Media Center PC. Once you've chosen this device on the remote control, it will give you all the available commands in a list. Please try to compare how the Western Digital WD TV Live Hub will react if you click on the commands 'back', 'prev' and 'return'. This way you'll be able to determine which command is which as long as it'll work the same way on the original remote control.

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Re: Button Customization

I deleted my old WD TV Live player and activity, there were some movie formats on my pc that were incompatible with my Sony BDP-S490 DLNA DVD player. I re-installed the WD TV Live, all the commands were wrong (hard and soft buttons), ended up with 4 additional buttons which were assigned to the TV. I customised the buttons from the database and they all worked.

Harmony One & pc software 7.7.0