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Can't "learn" Vizio remote commands

I have a Harmony One remote that I have successfully used with several other remotes (CD/DVD, PVR, Amplifier/Receiver, etc.).  I just purchased a Vizio TV.  This TV has a ridiculously capable remote (even has a slide out keyboard for entering text while logged into Facebook or other online sites).  I have the TV connected to Netflix, so I'd like to the use the Harmony One to select the Netflix mode, navigate to the movie I want to watch and control the movie (play, pause, FF, etc.).


The problem is that the Harmony One software must not "know" this remote yet, so I have to make it learn all of the buttons.  When I try to make it learn Power Toggle, NOTHING happens (except that my TV turns on/off while I am teaching the Harmony One).  I tried several other buttons on the Vizio remote with the same result - no response from the Harmony One. 


This is very unusual since all of my other remotes worked fine with the Harmony One in "learn" mode.


Vizio Model #: SV472XVT


Can anyone help?



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Re: Can't "learn" Vizio remote commands

It sounds like the remote is an RF remote and Harmonys can not learn RF.  I would contact Vizio to see if the can give you the Commands in the Pronto Hex format and then email them to Logitech so that they can added to the database.

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Re: Can't "learn" Vizio remote commands

I have the same problem with my Vizio XVT55SV. The remote has a keypad and there are embedded apps such as Amazon Video, Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, YouTube etc., that I want to access using my universal remote.