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Re: Copy activity?

Well, thank you for the remark.


Here is a demo of what I did:


and some pics:


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Re: Copy activity?

I too have wanted this ability / feature many times...  Would save SO MUCH time, when you have a lot of custom startup commands (lighting for me) and a lot of button customizations (receiver functions for me). 


Pretty please, logitech? :-)

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Re: Copy activity?

It seems this (presumably simple?) feature is still missing...


I have an Oppo 83. For ease of use by other people, I want to create a "Watch Blu Ray" activity which will be exactly the the same as "Watch DVD" other than 1 or may be 2 things (analogue Multi channel on my AVR, and a different picture setting on my TV). I'll have to do it manually which will take a while, if I could duplicate the activity it would take 5 minutes. Come on Logi!

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Re: Copy activity?

I'd also like to see this capability.  True, manually duplicating an activity isn't difficult. However, if you need to customize and add a number of buttons, or make changes in the what commands are sent to start or exit an activity, manually duplicating an activity is time-consuming and a royal pain!

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Re: Copy activity?

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really? how much longer logitech? is it easier just not to care?

basically give us your money and .....


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Re: Copy activity?

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