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HDMI CEC required for Audio Return Channel conflicts with power -off



I am trying to resolve an apparent conflict between HDMI 1.4 CEC, ARC, and the Harmony power-off sequence.


I understand the 1st answer is to turn off the HDMI CEC on all the equipment and let Harmony have control.  The problem is that with HDMI 1.4, the Audio Return Channel funtionality requires CEC to be on.  When I attempt to power everything off with the Harmony remote, the AV Receiver turns off then turns back on, because there is a HDMI CEC device still on.


While I am new to this forum, I have been using Harmony remotes for a few years.  I just upgraded my entertainment equipment.


Here is my setup.


Panasonic TC-P50VT25  HDTV

Panasonic DMP-BDT100 Blu-Ray player

Yamaha RC-V667 AV Receiver

Scientific Atlanta HD DVR


If I turn off HDMI CEC on the AVR, I cannot listen to VieraCast (Internet) content originating from the TV via the audio return channel of HDMI1.  I have tried manually selecting the AVR's ARC designated input, to no avail.  If I turn HDMI CEC on the HDMI1 ARC is automatically selected and I hear the VieraCast audio.


Changing the power-off functionality would seem to be a solution, but as I have read on this forum and elsewhere, there is no way for a user to change the power-off sequence or timings.


Any suggestions?

Might HDMI 1.4 compatibility require a change in how Harmony remotes operate?



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Re: HDMI CEC required for Audio Return Channel conflicts with power -off

You could set the Power commands to be "None" for the affected device.

Unless the device is the TV or AVR


This is a very new issue kinda ridiculous that you have to have CEC enable for the back audio


Tier 2 support should be able to set this up correctly if my advice does not work

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Re: HDMI CEC required for Audio Return Channel conflicts with power -off

Did you ever get this to work?  I'm having some power-down issues here myself.