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Harmony 1000 vs One

I am currently interested in getting rid of all the remotes in my living room and would like to know if you guys would recommend I get the Harmony 1000 or the Harmony One?
My setup is pretty simple, Pioneer DVD player, PS3, (old) Sony TV, Explorer Cable box.
I've reade a ton of reviews that say the One is the better remote, but all the reviews of the Harmony 1000 I've seen were done at the time it came out and do not consider the updates that seem to have fixed ealry problems.
Thanks for your opinions!
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Re: Harmony 1000 vs One

many of the problems with the 1000 have been fixed, but not all of them as far as I know.
the One is an excellent remote.
I recommend reading the FAQ sticky, especially in regards to the PS3

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Re: Harmony 1000 vs One

I've read the PS3 discussions and understand the whole issue for turning it on. I dont have a real problem with that, seing i have to pop the CD/DVD/BR in the PS3 anyway so I dont mind turning it on manually.
What do you mean that some problems have not been fixed on the 1000?
If I had to go out right now, you're telling me i should get the One? Even without the price factor...
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Re: Harmony 1000 vs One

They're really two very different remotes. The One is a traditional single handed remote whereas the 1000 is a two-handed remote. I like the traditional remote style much better so between the two the One would win hands down. If you have any hidden components or need to control then without having line-of-sight you'd want the 1000 or 890, but for a typical setup it really comes down to ergonomics and what your preferences are. Something to remember is that the 1000 is a more complex device internally and more complexity often means more issues, while the One is new it's also more a evolutionary interface and any newness bugs should be worked out quickly.

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Re: Harmony 1000 vs One

if you are going straight IR and price is a factor ,
get the H-One
looks like a great remote.

the H1000 on the other hand is a pleasure.
especially if you are hiding your equipment
or dont want to have to worry about pointing remote at equipment...
(additional RF base needed for that)

for those out there that say the H1000 is a two handed remote,
well thats true - but only 20% of the time..

i actually had the same thoughts about the H1000 before i started
using it . .

2 hands, annoyings, etc...

but in reality, the right side of the remote with the hard buttons
is all you'll need 80% of the time. the remote is so thin and fits perfectly
when holding it in your right hand. its got all the essential buttons . .

i love the H1000 and until the H-One comes with RF i am not a fan.
(sending out 15 commands when starting an activity seams crazy with out RF )
mmmm . . . apple
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Re: Harmony 1000 vs One

Ok, well I've bought a Harmony One and test it out.
Have to say, out of the box, it is a very pretty product!
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Re: Harmony 1000 vs One

That is true, if you're right handed. Smiley Happy