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Harmony 1100 won't charge

My harmony 1100 won't charge or turn on.  The blue led is lit on the cradle when the remote is in the cradle.  I tried connecting it w/out the battery via USB, and also in the cradle and it didn't turn on.  So I ended up buying a new battery.  I was then able to turn on the remote and all was well for about a day. Then it wouldn't turn on or charge again... Ideas?   I have 2 charging cradles and both don't charge the remote.  The gold contacts are in good shape.




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Re: Harmony 1100 won't charge

sounds like it could be a hardware issue.  you should contact Logitech support and get a claim started as I assume you are still under warrenty. 

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Re: Harmony 1100 won't charge


Hopefully you are still under warrantee. I had the same problem with the same model remote. I found a page on the Logitech support site that gives you a long list of questions to answer. I answered all of those questions completely and submitted a support request with all the information. After following up to their email system every couple of days they sent me a brand new Harmony 1100 in the box. They didn't even require that I send the old one back.


I think the trick is to reply to their emails every couple of days. If you let 168 hours go by (7 days) without responding, they drop your incident, even when they don't respond within 48 hours like their email says they will. Stay persistent with them and you should prevail.


Best of luck