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Harmony 300 remote and "tv input" button on other inputs

I want to say i bought the Harmony 300 remote and i couldnt be happier right now i have it set up on my devices and everything but one button works right, the "TV INPUT" button at the top of the remote does the wrong input function. Now in the settings under the TV i corrected this, and when im on TV input the "TV INPUT" button functions properly (brining up a menu of the inputs) when im on my Cable/sat input and i press the "TV INPUT" button it does the wrong function. I tried editing it but that button seems to be locked out in the setup on myharmony under any input but TV. 


The TV is LG47LV3700

cable box is scientfic atlanta  8300hd

surround is logitech z-5500 (thank god this works my old remote died) 


So when i edit the TV input under the "TV INPUT" is labled as "input" now i changed this from "inputTV"

what im assuming is it defaults back to "inputTV" when im on the cable box input. 


anyone know anything on how to fix this ? id appreciate it, again this remote 10 stars phenominal work logitech phenominal