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Harmony 650 / Chinavasion CVSB-983

I have the remote and IR receiver specified in the subject hooked up to my Windows 7 Windows Media Center PC.


The Chinavasion remote has number keys on it that are multi-functional. If you press "numlock" it toggles the input type of each respective key. For example, by default it acts as a 8 way mouse cursor. If you press "numlock" once it turns into a text/numeric input kind of like a telephone.


Is there anyway I can map my Harmony 650 such that if I press 8, it actually sends an 8 to the IR receiver? I'd like to be able to change the channels in WMC (I have a TV tuner) and I can't figure out how to get it to work. I've tried using the various number commands like "8" but it doesn't seem to work.



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Re: Harmony 650 / Chinavasion CVSB-983

No. Numlock tells the driver to interpret the key as a number. So there is no way to do it without first turning on numlock.


After trying every MCE remote and wireless keyboard/mouse under the sun, I finally found the perfect solution, the free Moble Mouse app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod. It's so much easier than fumbling around with a harmony.