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Harmony 650 will not change channels

rMy Harmony 650 remote all of a sudden stopped changing channels but everything else works fine.  I have replaced the batteries in the remote, unplugged the TV and cable box and nothing helps...  PLEEEEEEASE help me....  I am not very tech savvy so I am hoping for an easy to understand fix.  Thanks

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Re: Harmony 650 will not change channels

Hi Daniel43,


Follow the steps outlined for troubleshooting your Harmony 650:


  1. Determine the device you use for changing channels (Is it the TV or the cable box?).
  2. Access the device mode of your Harmony 650 and select the device you use for changing channels in the list. For instructions on how to access the device mode, click this link: Answer ID: 11085.
  3. Once you have selected the device, try pressing the channel buttons on the remote to change channels.
  4. Once you've verified that you can change channels, log in to the Harmony Remote Software.
  5. Go to Activities.
  6. Select Customize Buttons for your Watch TV activity.
  7. Look for the channel buttons and make sure that the correct device is selected and the correct command (Channel Up and Channel Down) are assigned to the channel buttons.




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